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My Grandparents: K.C.A.D. Chidambara Nadar and C.Rajamaal

The Father of Intuitive Education::His Vision of A Unified World 

The Legacy Since 1949 Continues

The high ethical standards are in the dna of our lineage’s bloodline, and I write on behalf of my ancestors with conviction. Their vision is being worked through me. It is their guidance, inspiration, and grace that I am favoured to work on their behalf. All the business projects, the company structure, the selfless service code, producing quality products and creating original intuitive educational content are done through mysterious inspiration and strange intuition. I will tell you the true story of how this unique Intuitive Educative University was founded. Please visit My true story is written in detail there, the purpose of it coming into existence. This will be the foundation for all future children, who will usher in the Golden Age again.


On the left is a picture of my Grandfather, K.C.A.D. Chidambara Nadar and my Grandmother C.Rajammal

“The Father of Intuitive Education”

Way back in 1949 he foresaw what the world should be to live in perfect harmony. It is his vision we are breathing life into. As a Patron of ours you have been chosen by providence to receive more than you give.

The legacy of Printing, Publishing and Education of value has continued since 1949. Not limited to breadwinning education, but to shape the character of Men and Women, the Nation and the World. A bold futuristic vision set in 1949. We are working to accomplish that Impossible Dream. We need your patronage to be a part of this noble enterprise.

Download the first Girls School Souvenir co-founded by my grandfather. You will get a firsthand view of his selfless service in educating girls for a better future for society and the nation. ” Here is a challenge for you”. Let me see if you can spot his vision for a unified world. That vision is the driving force behind all our creations. All the secrets are revealed here.

My Grandfathers Timeless Quotes

1. Always encourage a person in his education, career, or business path, no matter how stupid or dumb he may seem. Giving him confidence is like giving him millions in cash.

2. Never fear failure. One day, when you succeed, you will look back and laugh at your failures, and that's the only thing you talk about.

Once, a school teacher asked my grandfather. Sir, you are very affluent, yet you are asking for donations for our girls' school. You can single-handedly finance our development projects. My grandfather replied, for every noble enterprise it would be selfish to earn Karma myself. By asking for donations, they have an opportunity to earn good Karma, and they can look up to the school with pride as they also contributed to its growth. We continue this selfless character in all our projects. In all our social upliftment projects, only your name as a donor will appear. "Never ours"

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" A book tells you something, a teacher something more, a touch of experience all the rest."

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