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Your AI Video Creation Workshop

Are you camera shy? We've got you covered.

You are not alone in facing this scenario. You want your YouTube channel to sparkle with your content but feel shy about facing the camera and talking. We understand it requires a lot of hard editing work, sometimes overwhelming. Don’t worry; we have a simple solution for you. No one will ever notice how you did it. Let’s get started.

Best Use

Best Applications: Home video clips, YouTube Shorts, Social Media Video clips, Hobby Videos, Mini-Lessons, Product Introductions, Marketing Videos, Profile Videos, and email marketing Videos.Emotional and motivational shorts, Health topics, luxury shorts, animals, dogs, cats, other pets, talking babies, Technology, Home Tips and Hacks, Online Learning, Healthy Diet and cooking lessons, and Tips.


The 2-Step Process Is SimpleTo Start

Make Your Payment

Select your preferred payment package. You will be directed through our secure Stripe Payment Gateway. I’d like you to please note your successful payment transaction ID. 

Fill In Your Content Form

Fill in the simple content form, and remember to include your payment details in the field provided. If you are making multiple video requests, please provide clear file names so that we can identify them in the proper sequence.

Your Delivery

We will deliver your AI Videos in 7 to 10 Business days in Mp4 format. If needed, you have one free revision per video. 

Custom Video Specifications Required

Your text limit is a maximum of 900 words in Text or Word doc for Star Patrons. For Premium Patrons a word count of 1800 in Text or Word doc is enabled. Spell and proofread your files before uploading them. If you are submitting an audio file in another language, take care to ensure pronunciations are correct. We will not be responsible for any errors arising due to it.

If we do not receive your Avatar for the Custom Video Creation, we will use our default AI avatar. Please watch our demo live videos of our Avatars in action.

Submit a suitable background image for your Custom Video. If you are sourcing an Image on the Internet, please ensure you own the copyright to use them. The same principle applies to any Video background you may submit to us. Any copyright violation will be your responsibility. Images should be Min 250Dpi to ensure quality visuals.

Please upload your profile picture, which should be similar to a passport picture. It should have a neutral, facing-camera look. The second picture should be a half-body-size picture of yourself standing and facing the camera in a neutral pose. The images should be at least 250 Dpi for great clarity. Please watch our live demo videos for pose reference.

Watch our sample videos

1. Select Your Plan. Make Your Payment

Star Patron

Starter Package

  • Max 900 Word or Text Doc
  • Max Files Upload Size 10 Mb
  • Option To Split Word Doc Content to 2 Videos
$149 $ 99 00
* Read our applicable Terms and Conditions.
Only Few Packs Available

Premium Patron

Best Value For YouTubers

  • Max 1800 Word Or Text Doc
  • Max Files Upload SIze 19 Mb
  • Option To Split Word Doc Content To 6 Videos
  • We Will Begin Booking Soon. Thanking All Patrons For Their Support.
$298 $ 198
*Read our applicable Terms and Conditions.
Custom Quote Request

After successful payment, You will be directed to the files upload page as per your package plan.

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